Continue the REVOLUTION.

Our culture is a celebration of fresh thinking.

Be our guest and shatter the norms. Our business is about staying a step ahead so ideas – all ideas – are respected. If you have a better way, we want to know about it. Everyone counts at Trellix.

After all, our revolution continues with you.

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Power a resilient, thriving world.


Living security everywhere.

Our Core Values


Honor our clients’ and teams’ needs. Collaborative, inclusive of diverse thoughts, aware of own biases, and receptive of feedback.


Relentless pursuit of goals and tireless quest of quality. Fearless determination to drive significant achievements.


Interested, engaged, concerned and care about people and things around you. Continuous thirst for knowledge to fuel reimagination.


Be easy on people, hard on performance. Foster an environment where everyone is free to be their authentic self.

Leadership Traits

Extreme Ownership

Enable forward momentum, erasing barriers and building coalitions. Guide teams through ambiguity and rapid change. Find ways towards ‘yes’ rather than reasons for ‘no’.

Elevate Others

Inspire and empower those around you because everyone counts. Bring meaningful purpose to goals by focusing on the ‘why’ and recognize the value each team member brings.

Breakthrough Mindset

Release preconceived notions of how a problem should be solved and instead exponentially think through how we can grow. Foster a tolerance for risk and then experimentation becomes essential.

Foster Trust & Transparency

Create an environment of safety, belonging, directness, clarity, and mutual respect. Welcome honest feedback and open communication to share the good and the bad.


We are the premiere home of diverse cybersecurity experts

The dynamic cybersecurity landscape demands something new. So, we are building it one amazing idea at a time.

Opportunities to change the world don’t come around often. But, at Trellix, you can do what matters: keep organizations and technology safe and available for people who rely on them. This is your chance. Be disruptive. Be innovative. Be a game changer.


What’s in a name?

The name “Trellix” is coined from the word trellis, a strong and safe framework to support growth of climbing plants and trees. Just like how we support our customers growth through living security. Always learning. Always adapting.


Ready to change the world?

You can do amazing things at Trellix. It’s your ideas that will shape our future. It’s your passion that will drive our success. As we like to say, after decades of success and billions in revenue, we’re still just getting started.

All of those “bigger, better, bolder” ideas you’ve always wanted to share. They’re welcome here.

Make the next step in your career a major step forward.