Big Ideas WANTED.

This is your chance to drive change for the next generation.

What’s the common thread that connects everyone at Trellix? It’s a commitment to always moving forward. It’s our purposeful work of security. Finding a better way to keep the world safe and secure. Here, nothing is beyond your reach. Reinvent it. Replace it all together. Your ideas power the future at Trellix.

Product Development

Whether the focus is on new product development, feature enhancements, or testing and releasing code, our architects, data scientists, developers, testers and product managers are designing and building our success…quite literally.

Information Technology

Technology is the core of everything we do. That means your talent is vital to our continued success. It’s not just the chance to work with world-class technologies, it’s an invitation to help shape the future of cybersecurity worldwide.

Customer Success

Work with our biggest customers and partners to develop creative sales strategies to grow the business in an impactful and sustainable way. Here about the only limit to your success is your own professional ambition.

Global Sales & Services

Assess the complex challenges of our customers’ environments, then lead delivery and implementation efforts of our solutions and remain a reliable resource for the customer for years to come.

Human Resources

Our goal is to create a global HR organization that sets the standard. We know our plans are ambitious. We also know with the right HR experts we can accomplish almost anything.


Whether your focus is on P&L analysis, divisional budget guidance, or Tax or Treasury, your talent will make a critical contribution to our continued growth and success.


Our Legal team constantly meets and exceeds the challenge of protecting our intellectual properties, establishing Trellix in new countries, managing our partnerships and alliances, navigating global compliance laws and keeping us moving forward.

Marketing & Communications

Your thinking will help promote our business and our mission worldwide. Regardless of your role in our Marketing group, you will shape how the world sees and feels about Trellix.

Students and Recent Grads

Whether you’re a student searching for an internship or you’re a recent graduate, we are committed to helping you explore the possibilities at Trellix. Our goal is to help you find your place and build the future you always wanted. Amazing things are happening here and you can be a part of it.