Celebrate YOU.

The opportunity is bigger than you might imagine.

The fact is, every company tells every employee that their culture is inclusive. But how many companies invite you to create Diversity, Equity & Inclusion programs and groups from scratch? That’s the Trellix difference. When we launched our new company, we listened to our people and left most legacy programs and policies behind.

How will our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion efforts evolve? Your thinking will play a key role in everything we do.

Our commitment is second to none.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is a way of life at Trellix. If you can dream it, there’s a good chance we can make it a reality. At Trellix, you can shape our future. You can challenge convention. You can rewrite the rules. You can build a culture as unique as you are.

Inclusive? It’s not just a promise, it’s an everyday reality.

I Do #SoulfulWork

Bryan Palma, Chief Executive Officer

Video courtesy of RSA Conference

Bring us your ideas and let’s grow together.

You know what works, what doesn’t, and what could work better. Share your thinking and help ensure that we keep our promise of inclusion for generations to come. We know that actions speak louder than words, so let’s get to work.

Our commitment is real. All that’s missing is you.

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